The injection of capital into sports marketing has never been greater, brands are partnering with a multitude of different properties including, athletes, events, teams and governing bodies. Sports partnerships is thriving in the modern day, with more than $60 billion (£46.8 billion) spent globally in 2017 and that figure looks set to continue its rise.

Over the next month, Blackcastle Sport will be analysing why sports partnerships continue to be a vital asset for various brands across the world to promote and communicate their brand to a mass audience.

Emotion and Passion in Sport Perfect for Storytelling

So why is sponsorship in sport really booming? When thinking about advertising and connecting with audiences, sport offers something extremely valuable that not much else can match – genuine emotion and passion. With the growth of social media, Facebook and other popular sites are utilised by companies of all sizes as a method of activating things from simply the services they provide to their expensive sports packages.

“Like and comment below with which of our products you like best, and you could win two tickets to so and so” – there’s an example of a method that very often proves very successful, especially with popular competitions that tickets are in high demand for.

Today, sponsorship is viewed as a perfect chance to run storytelling and content marketing and when taking digital possibilities into account, huge opportunities arise for both global sports stars and companies.

Audiences love a good story or two, that’s a given, as well as human interest stories so if you’re wanting to boost attention towards your brand you should have an engaging narrative which is why it’s so common to see adverts containing famous faces with a story to tell in not just sport, but in a number of industries.

Adidas: Championing Creativity

Here’s an example: Ahead of the 2018 World Cup, a major sporting event which captures the attention of billions, Adidas gathered around 65 sporting and non-sporting goliaths such as Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Caroline Wozniacki, Zinedine Zidane, Stormzy and Pharrell Williams in one stadium.

They used the commercial featuring creative individuals to produce a bold campaign designed to champion creativity and were really clever by sectioning the advert into micro-narratives so that several audiences could be targeted. Ryan Morlan, vice president of brand communications at Adidas, said that the campaign “re-engineered the traditional advertising campaign which creates endless inspiration.


In 2018, Adidas brought together their roster of elite athletes for a video to inspire their audience.

You can’t link clever storytelling with the size of the companies doing it though – there are plenty out there that arguably produce better campaigns than powerhouses like Adidas and Nike.

Sebastian Kurczynski, Director of Brand & Digital Consulting at the research and consulting company Nielsen Sports, has stressed that “online marketing is also very exciting for regional brands because they can use social media, rather than TV coverage, to reach their specific target audience.”

There’s no doubting the fact that regionality and tradition are still fashionable in the world of sponsorship and advertisement.
Sports sponsorship is very much still alive and, on the rise, and we’re delighted to be running you through the different methods companies use in the modern industry to get their audiences talking about their brand. In our next post, we’ll be looking at how companies target their audiences, especially on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, and also going through another example of how it’s used in the industry today.

In summary, it’s clear to see that brands firmly believe that sports sponsorship is a key market to target their audiences. Blackcastle Sport will be running you through the different methods companies use in the industry to get their audiences talking about their brand. In our next post, we’ll be looking at how brands target customers through social media platforms.

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Nissan e.dams driver Oliver Rowland takes part in an activation video during the Marrakesh ePrix to promote a local restaurant.