Blackcastle Sport’s own Formula E racing driver, Oliver Rowland, loves football. Eden Hazard, Real Madrid Galactico, loves the thrill of speed. When the two of them met before lockdown at the Jarama Circuit in Spain to push Nissan’s high-performance electric cars to their limits, the excitement was mutual.

This was a fantastic example of cross-sport activation, with two disciplines coming together to create a creative series of world-class content, leveraging the future of EV technology.

Rowland gave Hazard some tips about driving in the garage, before taking the wheel for some hot laps with the footballing-ace as his passenger.

“I knew that electric vehicles can be fun to drive on the street – but wow, what an experience!” Hazard said after the session.

Rowland added, “I’m a huge football fan, so it was a real thrill for me to meet one of the world’s best players. Seeing the excitement on his face was priceless.”

Rowland takes to the track once more as the Formula E season restarts in August around the streets of Berlin, for a thrilling six races in nine days. The all-electric racing series brings the excitement and performance of zero-emission EV technology to a global audience.

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