all-encompassing driver management & partnership consultancy

Blackcastle Sport Management is an all-encompassing athlete management and commercial partnership consultancy specialising in motorsport

We incorporate our team of industry experts to manage and maintain crucial behind the scenes elements of athlete preparation, allowing our athletes to ensure their sole focus is on performing to the best of their ability and reaching the pinnacle of the sport.

We create revenue streams and commercial support for our athletes through a structured and consultative sponsorship sales approach.

We have a multi-faceted approach to sponsorship, working with brands to provide relevant and collaborative partnership opportunities, enabling our clients to achieve their B2C and/or B2B marketing & business objectives, through the medium of sport.

Sponsorship Consultancy

Our partnership consultancy team work closely with our clients to provide relevant and impactful partnership opportunities based on specific requirements. We enable our clients and their brands to achieve B2C and / or B2B marketing & business objectives, through the medium of sport.

We also work with rights holders, to create and deliver commercial partnership opportunities, allowing them to fulfil their partnership sales objectives for the season / period ahead.

Our guiding principal is to maximise the value and full potential within the motorsports industry; enabling our athletes to fulfill their potential, creating a diverse and unique sponsorship development platform within motorsport and delivering objective driven corporate partnership agreements between brands, our drivers and world class rights holders in sport.

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Athlete management

Our driver management programme provides our athletes with a bespoke, all-encompassing management & commercial support service. We have a team of industry experts allowing us to manage and support all major aspects of a driver’s career and well-being, including; contract negotiation, commercial sponsorship support, fitness & health and Media / PR training.

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